Yolanda Quintanilla

Marketing Coordinator
2019 to 2021
Yolanda was a lonely sorceress who was looking for a place to find the magic that she had lost when she left her faraway land. Then, destiny helped her find a new home. She has been chanting with Alberta Heartland since then (more than five years). Every time she performs, she experiences the same enchantment. Yolanda has been in the management team of the chorus before as Administration and Events Coordinator. Now, after a year break to deal with nasty creatures of the underground, she is back to perform astonishing tricks as Marketing Coordinator. Yolanda delights in the company of her fellow sorceresses, who create mysterious remedies that alleviate soul pains, relieve cold symptoms and other physical discomforts.
Yolanda loves potions, elixirs, and sweet treats to attract candid children -they make the best soups.