Sparkle at Camp

Joanne Johnson's picture

Alberta Heartland is once more preparing for the Regional Contest in Surrey B.C.  It's early this year, so we are at camp He Ho Ha with our fabulous coach Queen Anne Downton, in February. This is an annual event for the chorus.  For two days we are on retreat,removed from our day to day lives.

It was minus 37 on Saturday morning, but we were sparkling in the warmth of friendship and music. Led by Anne, director Lisa and the choreography team of Dineke and Tina, we made the rafters ring.  After two days of intense coaching, we were able to relax on Saturday evening.  Mosiac Blend quartet hosted an entertaining skit night.  Games, music, food and fun kept us all laughing and singing until the wee hours.

Sunday morning, we were back at it, hardly the worse for wear.  Aching feet, sore backs and exhaustion were set aside as we gave one final spurt of energy.  Driving home on Sunday we were all able to congratulate ourselves on a job well done.