Spirit of 26 Nominee

Spirit of 26 Nominee for 2012 is an all round positive individual who values teamwork, encouragement and a "let's give it a try before we say we can't" attitude.  Nicola joined Sweet Adelines for the first time in 1997, at the tender age of 22.  We say tender age, because as a result of a childhood illness, Nicola's life experiences were minimal.  She was mentored by many members of her chorus in a loving and caring way and matured in their midst.  She sang lead for a short while and then joined the baritone section.  Nicola took a couple of years off while pursuing other dreams and returned to Sweet Adelines in 2001. With her limited background in dance and her youthful enthusiasm she quickly became a front row dancer. She was also a member of "Crimson" quartet.

In 2005, Nicola joined Alberta Heartland Chorus and with the encouragement of Director, Mary Teed, tried out for the tenor section.  It appears this is exactly where she should be as it has often been said by our director and several coaches that the tenor section sounds like one voice.  Until recently, Nicola was the tenor Section leader.

Again, with the nudging of our Director, Nicola agreed to be the assistant director and part of the choreography team.  However, not very long after becoming part of the team, Nicola found herself to be a team of one.  To help her in the role of assistant director, Nicola signed up for and is participating in the DCP program.  As a true believer in teamwork she called out to AHC members to join her on the choreography team and as a result has a very strong physical warm-up team.  As if this wasn't enough to keep her busy, she has been a member of "Leap of Faith" quartet since 2007.

Nicola, in the required absence of our Director willingly steps up as Director and choreographer.  She has never lost her enthusiasm and positive attitude towards each and every member.  She tries innovative and creative ways to get us moving and feeling the music in a team like fashion.  As a lady who is very busy in many other aspects of her life, Nicola always comes to chorus full of energy and with an upbeat outlook.

Nicola, as our Spirit of 26 nominee, is a true representation of what Sweet Adeline s is about.  What chorus members say about Nicola: "She is bright, unassuming, always willing to learn, a unique individual,  I have never know anyone quite like her." "a true team player as well as a skillful and gifted leader.", "open to suggestions and works well with everyone.", "she gives her whole heart to this chorus."