Cindy Levitt

Spirit of 26 Nominee

Cindy walked through the doors of Alberta Heartland Chorus in the fall of 2007 and has never looked back.  Her beautiful smile and animated eyes drew everyone to her including our audiences.  Cindy's strong lead voice puts her in center spot on the risers and anyone singing around her is grateful for her tunefulness.

Not only is she a pretty face with a great voice, she is a hard working Sweet Adeline who willingly takes on new tasks.  Cindy first stepped up to the plate when we needed a retreat chair, completing this job with great organizational skills and thoroughness.  Soon after, Cindy was part of the music committee in such roles as performance coordinator and make-up chair; It was in her position as make-up chair where she really started to shine.  Doing her research and getting a good understanding of what is expected on contest stage, she would accept nothing less.  Our hair and make-up had to be impeccable and she offered and provided assistance to one and all to ensure that happened.  One of the judges' comments when Cindy was make-up chair was about how lovely our overall appearance and grooming was.  Apparently that didn't keep her busy enough as one year even agreed to chair the Nominating committee for our chorus elections.

Of course, Cindy didn't stop there.  She is just finishing her term as our Membership Coordinator on the Management Team.  Her warm and loving personality has made her the perfect person to greet prospective members and to welcome the regulars each week.  She is often seen giving hugs and laughing freely with individuals at rehearsal.  Cindy experiences a real concern for members when they are on leave and continues to reach out to them and encourage them to return.  She feels a great loss and almost a personal disappointment when she sees members leave the chorus.

Cindy is the kind of woman that any Sweet Adeline chorus would be happy to have.  She is a great ambassador for the organization and her ready smile and caring nature can make anyone that enters our halls think to themselves "why wouldn't I want to be here?"

Some of the new and seasoned members say about Cindy:
"She just makes you feel so invited, and what could be more of a wonderful first day, than that."
Takes the time to let you know YOU are important, even if you have been a member of Sweet Adelines.  She just never presumes you know things, she makes sure you know."
Cindy, it is with great pride, love and appreciation, that we, Alberta Heartland Chorus, nominate you as our "Spirit of 26" for 2013.