Charlene Cummings

Spirit of 26

Charlene Cummings has been chosen by our chorus, Alberta Heartland Chorus to be our CAROL POOLE SPIRIT of 26 RECIPIENT for 2021. Charlene became a member of Alberta Heartland Chorus in Jan, 2009. She served as Events Coordinator for several years, and is currently on the music Committee and is our fearless Team Leader. She was instrumental, along with our Finance Coordinator, in securing AHC a credit card. She is extremely competent and dedicated as she fulfills all of her demanding duties, in her caring fashion. If Charlene believes that things are affecting members in a negative way, she will speak up and make sure your voice is heard. Charlene is also our fantastic Costume Chair, as well as being the Bass section leader. She sings in the quartet Head’s Up and sang a tag in a Region 26 quartet, called Luck of the Draw. She is very approachable and is well loved in our organization for her warmth, caring and fun-loving personality. Charlene is married to the amazing Dave, and they are grandparents to a bunch of very terrific grandchildren, just ask her. Charlene is a Saskatchewan girl, and is loving life in Sherwood Park A.B, and decorating their beautiful new home in fashionable BLING, of course. Charlene is a true soul sister, always welcoming everyone with a smile, demonstrating the true spirit of Sweet Adelines.