Chorus or Choir?

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Every time I try to explain what Alberta Heartland Chorus is about, I find that non-connoisseurs are confused with the term chorus. Here are a couple of explanations.

  • What does chorus mean? Chorus has several meanings, which include a group of performers, which may consist of singers and dancers, and the repeated refrain of a song.
  • What does choir mean? Choir has several meanings. In one sense, it means a group of singersChoir can also refer to the section of a building where a choir performs.


According to, Barbershop is choral music; it is simply a specific type of choral music—a subcategory of choral music, as are gospel choirs, jazz choirs, contemporary a cappella choirs, Renaissance choirs, and yes, barbershop choruses. Any specialty choir’s characteristics can represent a specific style, but we all exist under the umbrella of choral music.