Competition 2019

Joanne Johnson's picture

There was no time to be tired.  Alberta Heartland brought all their heart, all their energy and all their talent to Surrey in April 2019.  Thursday was 1st Nite, an annual celebration of Region 26 and their accomplishments.  Our very own Genie Klatt received her 40 year recognition certificate.  Carolyne Saumer was introduced as the chorus "Spirit of 26" (or her biography, go to our About Page).  Both these ladies are charter members, which means they were with us from day one, and shining examples of what Sweet Adelines is all about.

Friday night was the Quartet contest, and what a contest it was with 21 competing quartets!  At the end of the night, our esteemed Director received a second place medal as a member of "Delirium" quartet.  CHANCE! wowed us all and got fifth with their highest score ever.  Mosiac Blend performed their magic and had the audience enthralled.  Cheers filled the room for all of the competitors, showing that Region 26 is less about the competition and more about the competitors. 

Our big day was Saturday, the Chorus contest.  We were up early, warming up our voices, putting on eyelashes, poofing up our hair and getting ready for our best performance ever.  This is what we work for all year.  All the coaching sessions, all the early rehearsals, and all the choreography sessions come together for us on contest day.  We performed as contestant number 10 near the end of the day, so we didn't have long to wait for the results.  We all sat in our glittery costumes. holding our breaths as results were announced.  

With a final score of 577, the most improved chorus, we came home with medals for first place in the small chorus category (up to 30 members) and third place overall.  Cheers erupted.  We had met our goals.  And now it starts all over again.  Next year in Calgary!!!