Beverly McKell

2020 to 2021

The first time I walked through the doors of the Free Masons Hall and heard Alberta Heartland Chorus singing their contest ballad, I thought I had gone to Heaven early and was hearing an Angelic choir.  ( I have found out since, that we are not that.)  And my first thought was, "Could I ever possibly be part of a singing group  as wonderful as this"?

I was placed in the lead section and 3 wks. later passed my audition. I worked very hard to pass my first song and the first time I had to send in a recording I almost threw up. (Thank Goodness that is all past history.)

During the time I have been with the chorus I have had the opportunity to be social chair for a couple of years which I enjoyed very much as I love to see that  people are getting lots to eat.  I have also always tried to lend a hand whenever I saw the need.

That is why I am so looking forward to this next chapter of putting some of my other talents to use. In the past I have held leadership positions in the church.  I have enjoyed writing and public speaking engagements, and have often been seen as a good listener and someone with problem solving skills. 

I also have enjoyed the experiences of being the Mom to 3 children, the grandmother to 5, and the great grandma to 2.

For the last 6 years I have  been enjoying a quiet life with my husband, Kasey, in our 4 plex hideaway in Spruce Grove, where I am often found in the the morning, singing in the living room, and at other times in the quilting room.

I consider the opportunity of serving on the management a pleasure. (probably at times, down right fun.) and I know it will cause me to grow in who I am.