FUSION - 2018 convention

Joanne Johnson's picture

Alberta Heartland Chorus returned from 2018 contest very pleased and proud of their accomplishments.  With an improved score, and a fifth place medal we felt that we had met our goal to be the best we could be.  After a year of coaching, rehearsing, and building our craft every member contributed to our success. 

There were a few glitches on the weekend.  A new outlet centre opening right in front of the airport may have caused a delay or two.  A last minute change in hotel rooms meant our two competing quartets had to move down the street to a different hotel.  And of course a strike at the Sheraton topped it all off.  But all was overcome by being flexible and focussing on why we were there.

The hotel management went out of their way to make us welcome and make sure nothing stood in the way of a good time.  We often saw the same person cleaning the rooms, waiting on tables and manning the reception desk.  They were always pleasant and smiling and if the bed didn't get changed every day...well, we saved water.  Even the picketers were friendly. 

Here is a note from our Team Leader:

Contest weekend is a very busy time but always so much fun. Having the opportunity to reconnect with some very special people that have moved away but are still in the organization is always a great. I love getting to know the members of our chorus in a more personal, individual way. Contest day is filled with butterflies in your stomach and a lot of laughter and smiles. I just love Contest Weekend!!