Joy McGregor

Membership Coordinator
2020 to 2021

I became a Sweet Adeline in 2003 when I joined Murrumbidgee Magic Chorus in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia, which is in the Southern Cross Region (34) of SAI. I thought I would be a baritone, since I had always sung alto in various choirs in my life. I was surprised to find out that I had a bass range, and would now never want to be anything else.  I eventually became bass section leader and webmaster.

I was working as an academic at Charles Sturt University at the time, and retired in 2010. I finally decided to return to my native Canada and Edmonton in 2018 and immediately joined Alberta Heartland Chorus.

I am involved in several aspects of music: I play the piano, am teaching piano lessons to my great-nieces and nephew, am enrolled in the SA Arrangers Program, and am learning to play the harp.

Serving on a management team of a SA chorus is a new experience for me, but with the help of all the other wonderful team members and chorus members, I’ll do my best in my new role as membership coordinator.