Gail Mathew

Spirit of 26 Nominee

Dedicated, talented, hard working, always willing to lend a hand: these are just a few of the qualities that our Spirit of 26 Nominee radiates. It is a joy to sing with this woman every week and an honor to present Alberta Heartland’s Spirit of 26 award to Gail Mathew. 

Gail started singing with Alberta Heartland chorus in 2007. She was quickly recognized for her musical talent and became a co-section leader in the baritone section, stepped onto the vocal warm-up team and helps out with voice placements for prospective members. She recently offered to try a new part because we were in need of more voices in the tenor section and has quickly become a valuable asset to that section as well.

For the past several years, Gail has served on the music team as the director’s assistant. As director, I have come to rely on Gail’s thoroughness and forward thinking. She is always a step ahead of me, making sure our team meetings are organized and agenda is set. She also looks after all of the travel details and needs of our out-of-town coaches and coordinates all of the voice lessons and quartet coaching that are scheduled in addition to an already busy weekend.

Gail is always willing to take on new challenges at chorus and is eager to learn and grow as a singer. She exemplifies all of the positive qualities of a Sweet Adeline and we are proud to have her as our Spirit of 26 Nominee this year.