En Route - A Musical Ride

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"The best barbershop show I have ever attended". - former member of Alberta Heartland Chorus

"We were just thrilled with the evening and with the way we were treated". - special guests the Command Sisters

"We just want to congratulate Heartland Chorus on a fabulous show.  The theme was great and through it all of the performances flowed smoothly.  The Chorus was top notch as were the quartets and the guest performers.  Kudos to to all.  We experienced a truly enjoyable evening of great entertainment". - audience member

It was a night to remember.  Alberta Heartland Chorus, along with their guests "The Heebee-Jeebees" and "The Command Sisters", filled the theater with thier own special brand of music.  The audience ranged from small children to seniors, and they all found something to relate to.   The quartets: Chance!, Double Take, Leading Note and Leap of Faith, added another level to the entertainment.

The chorus travelled around the world in song and story, from Canada  to Europe and Africa, and then back to North America and Christmas in Banff.  The beautiful backdrops brought each location to life.  Music ranged from Canadian folk songs, to Country and Western, and Chrismas carols.

Outside, there was a blizzard blowing, but inside, the connection between the audience and performers kept everybody warm and comfortable.